FirstLook : Creating Community Wealth.

The Law

On April 5, 2012, the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act or JOBS Act was signed, which changes 80-year-old security laws and empowers both entrepreneurs and investors to finally leverage the full power of the Web. In particular, Title III of this new Act allows for entrepreneurs and small businesses alike to raise capital online, presenting their offering to a new crowd. Everyone. Not just to Angel investors and Venture Capitalist, but to unaccredited investors too.

So what are we waiting for?

We are waiting for SEC to publish the official regulations and rules, which is projected to be in effect come September 2013.

How it works


Two things will happen on our website.

1Entrepreneurs and businesses can raise money for taking the next steps in their ideas and businesses.
2Everyday people can invest in privately owned local and national companies. FirstLook will create the perfect environment for real innovation and community wealth. We want everyone to be able to invest, and to invest in businesses they know and believe in.

 FirstLook’s portal will be an online gathering place where anyone can get the first look at the next big thing.

There will always be risk, but FirstLook’s pool of offerings will usually focus on established companies with an existing track record. You’ll be able to review a myriad of easily accessible information about the businesses, which will be presented in a simple report for everyone. We will educate our investors on what to research and look for in offerings. This way you can feel confident in your decision to invest or not to invest.

We believe the key to our platform is investor protection and due diligence, we promise to always keep it this way. Centered on you.

From education to executing investments in appealing deals, FirstLook’s streamlined investment system will be an exciting arena for all those looking to create community wealth.

Guiding Principles to First Look’s approach


 Everyone Can Invest
In the past there has been a misconception that only the rich can invest. Well that is not true, everyone can create wealth regardless of how much you begin with. It doesn’t matter where you start, but where you finish. You just have to start now. Soon you will be able to invest as little as $100.
 Teach a Man How to Fish 
Investing can be scary and intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Although we do not offer counsel on what deals to invest in, we will teach you how to properly analyze a company and it’s track record, so you can feel confident with your personal investing. 


 Get the First Look
It is not about the quantity. What is important to us is providing you with the opportunity of getting the first look at the most promising and quality offerings.
 The Investor Comes First 
Our platform is being developed with investors in mind. Each business we offer will have gone through an extensive due diligence screening, increasing disclosure so the investor can make an informed decision. Learn more about our investor protection here.


 The Way Out
What happens after you invest? Along with the designed exit strategy the companies provide, we promise to do everything in our power to give you a return and create a safe investing environment. Learn more about our Exit Strategy.
 Community Wealth 
Community Wealth is created when people from a variety of backgrounds share their resources to advance causes that lift up our communities. This only occurs when people feel connected and engaged with the crowd. So be social, share, encourage, and invest.


 Start Young, Start Now
Our platform is intended for all ages, however we emphasize on individuals starting to invest younger, and if you are not “younger” anymore, start now! 40% of people in the United States are not saving for retirement. It is our mission to help raise awareness of the importance to save and invest your money. Our users will be able to seamlessly sync their SD-IRA to their crowd funding trading account on our platform. Soon you can use tax-deferred money and build your IRA.


**Investing involves a high degree of risk. You may loose all or most of your investment. We recommend you consult with your advisor before investing.

Exit Strategy

FirstLook focuses on the type of deal that is able to grown and has the opportunity for a follow-on offering with a mid-size broker/dealer.  The future registration of a company’s shares offers an exit strategy for our participants.  While we cannot assure the success of the companies that use Firstlook to access equity, we can assess potential for success, and obtain contractual covenants that Firstlook companies will have the mindset to protect, and offer the crowd funding investors a method to profit from their investment.  After all, historically the most rewarded investors are the first one’s in, and we hope to bring that to you.


Once a business registers with us for their crowd funding opportunity, our in house due diligence systems begins.  We also outsource to third parties to perform additional due diligence.  Once all the requirements for FirstLook and the various regulatory agencies are met, we enter into an Underwriting Agreement with the Company to present their offering on Firstlook.  This Agreement includes and addresses appropriate forward thinking strategies to offer Firstlook investments a path to liquidity.

Learn More about our Investor Protection

FirstLook uses a third party to help us meet our disclosure and due diligence obligations. As a crowdfunding portal that will be registered with the SEC, We have three different constituencies to keep happy

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Learn more about our Due Diligence System

Any investor needs to understand the due diligence process. Doing due diligence means that you have investedthe time and effort to learn the necessary details of the company to be able to make educated decisions on their investment.

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What Lies Ahead


It is projected that we will be able to launch our platform near September 2013. What lies ahead is simple, the opportunity to research and invest in early stage promising companies. First Look will be a vehicle and educator on how to get there. Follow us for updates on First Look on Twitter and through our email sign up.

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