Soon you can sit in your living room anywhere in the world, study 30 different pitches from 30 different small business owners and entrepreneurs, decide which of them make sense for you, and fund them with the click of a mouse. We are now just waiting for the regulations on this process to be passed, but FirstLook is actively involved and eager to bring this service to you. Be among the first to join the movement of equity crowdfunding by signing up below.

Learn More about our Investor Protection

FirstLook uses a third party to help us meet our disclosure and due diligence obligations. As a crowdfunding portal that will be registered with the SEC, We have three different constituencies to keep happy

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Learn more about our Due Diligence System

Any investor needs to understand the due diligence process. Doing due diligence means that you have investedthe time and effort to learn the necessary details of the company to be able to make educated decisions on their investment.

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