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Us only a stil gauz pad tcov th tatd skin. Dnot cov tatd aas with a bandag, plastic wap, oth coving that dos not allow ai tciculat.

Bactoban topical (us on th skin) is usd ttat skin inctions such as imptiga “Staph” inction th skin.

Us Bactoban cam ointmnt xactly as dictd by you docto. ollow all dictions on you psciption labl. Dnot us this mdicin in lag small amounts long than commndd.

Mupiocin has bn shown tb activ against suscptibl isolats S. auus and S. pyogns , both in vitand in clinical tials [s INDICATIONS AND USAG ]. Th ollowing in vitdata a availabl, but thi clinical signiicanc is unknown. Mupiocin is activ against most isolats Staphylococcus pidmidis .

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