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5 mg of cabergoline and the list of inactive ingredients includes leucine, usp, lactose, and nf.

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Twclinical tials w conductd with ACTOS in combination with a sulonylua. Both studis includd patints with typ 2 diabts on any dos a sulonylua, ith alon in combination with anoth antidiabtic agnt. All oth antidiabtic agnts w withdawn at last th wks pitstating study tatmnt.

In halthy ldly subjcts, Cmax pioglitazon was not signiicantly dint, but AUC valus w appoximatly 21% high than thos achivd in young subjcts. Th man t 1/2 pioglitazon was alspolongd in ldly subjcts (about tn hous) as compad tyoung subjcts (about svn hous). Ths changs w not a magnitud that would b considd clinically lvant.

Pioglitazon hydochloid was not mutagnic in a batty gntic toxicology studis, including th Ams bactial assay, a mammalian cll owad gn mutation assay (CHO/HPT and AS52/XPT), an in vitcytogntics assay using CHL clls, an unschduld DNA synthsis assay, and an in vivmiconuclus assay.

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interim results from this study suggested that taking actos longer than 12 months increased the relative risk of developing bladder cancer in any given year by 40 which equates to an absolute increase of 3 cases in 10,000 from approximately 7 in 10,000 without actos to approximately 10 in 10,000 with actos .